SAFEER (Saudi French Energy Efficiency and Renewable)

a joint venture between TotalEnergies & Altaaqa Alternative Solutions LLC. The respective parent companies, TotalEnergies & Zahid Group, have partnered and cooperated for over 30 years on initiatives and projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are 50% TotalEngergies & 50% Altaaqa


We offer turnkey solutions for solar power installations. Commercial and industrial PV installations are suitable for the following locations:

Commercial or industrial roof-tops (large buildings such as factories or shopping malls)

Ground-mounted facilities on client’s premises


Hybrid solutions interacting with conventional power generation sources

The solar power systems are leased by our customers and become their property once the initial leasing contract has elapsed. We offer leases with a duration of up to 25 years.


Power Plant Products
Project Development
Project Finance
Operations & Maintenance
  • SAFEER is the only player present throughout the entire solar value chain with an existing and strong footprint in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

  • All inclusive from design through to commissioning and Operations & Maintenance.

  • Complete financing with simple monthly payments and no CAPEX investment.

  • A single point of contact for your projects that are managed by SAFEER only.

If you would like to start saving on energy costs by installing a solar power system on a vacant rooftop or unused land, our experts will help you understand your energy consumption, develop your energy strategy and then provide you with a tailor-made solar power proposal.

With our leasing scheme, you will benefit from solar energy with zero down payment and your installation is professionally managed by our team of experts.

Instead of paying for the construction of a solar power system, you pay a fixed monthly amount for the electricity the solar panels generate – at a discounted rate to your utility bill.

Our professional team offers expert advice across the entire solar value chain and can work across diverse sectors such as agriculture, automotive, education, healthcare, transport and real estate. Our goal is to deliver projects that align with your unique specifications regardless of complexity.


We offer turnkey solutions for solar power installations. Commercial and industrial PV installations are suitable for the following locations:

Continuity for
your business

SAFEER benefits from the expertise of two well established companies – TotalEnergies and Altaaqa Alternative Solutions. Altaaqa is a Zahid Group company, established in 2004. Zahid Group has been cooperating with the TotalEnergies for 15 years. The SAFEER partnership represents the long-term commitment of both Groups which will provide service stability and continuity for your business.


Operating on a lease-basis, we provide you with turnkey solar power systems. From feasibility study to design and commissioning – our experts handle every step of the project for you. We offer complete support with long-term warranties for rooftop, ground-mounted and carport solar installations.

Avoid large

Leasing your equipment means no need for upfront investment. SAFEER finances the planning and implementation of your solar power system. With our flexible lease schemes, contracts of up to 25 years are possible. At the end of the lease contract, the solar power system becomes your property.

Benefit from
savings and
electricity price

With recent advances in PV technology and government support for renewable energy solutions, solar power is now cheaper per kWh for customers on commercial tariffs than the current electricity price. With our pricing models, we remove the unpredictability of grid pricing and make solar energy profitable long-term. Even if subsidy schemes will change over time – our agreed tariffs secure you against future price increases.